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The Rùnesàrc

Book I: The Path from Childhood Dreams

Ronas is a knight in waiting but with manhood approaching, he is plagued by a dream. This is no ordinary dream and the black knights pursuing him are not ordinary knights.  Who are they and why are they searching for him?

Princess Odora is fighting for her life as the massed armies of the Lords of Fear have taken her father’s kingdom. Will she succeed in escaping and where can she run to?   

Odora and Ronas must join forces in order to save the realm from the terrible evil engulfing it.  Will they find each other? Can Ronas prove himself with a sword and what is the mysterious Rùnesàrc?

In Book I – The Path from Childhood Dreams, Odora is on the run and Ronas must face many challenges.

The story continues in Book II – where Ronas must retrieve the Rùnesàrc, before it is too late……….

5.0 out of 5 stars A magical and exciting adventure, aimed at younger teens but a great read for all fantasy fans.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 October 2020

in 'The Runesarc', Phil Say gives us fantasy in its truest form: an intriguing collection of characters on a quest, in a clash of good and evil - all pulled together in a smoothly flowing narrative. Beautifully written, the reader is transported into a very real, beguiling and gloriously strange world.
In Ronas we have a reluctant and resourceful knight in waiting who must prove himself and face the adversaries who plagued his dreams. Odora is a feisty (dare I say swashbuckling?) heroine, desperately trying to outsmart her father's enemies....
Aimed at the younger teenage audience - my grandson loved it - this book will appeal to all fantasy fans. Stock up the fridge and settle down for a good binge read!


5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping adventure

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 November 2020

Phil Say has created characters, plot, adventure and fantasy reminiscent of the intrigue of Tolkien in this wonderful first volume. Young and old adults will love this fusion of history, sorcery, blood-and-guts adventure and loveable characters. Multiple but linked strands of the story weave in and out through the book to keep the reader entranced as the forces of good and evil vie for supremacy. Wonderfully evocative and descriptive narrative bring alive the landscapes, people and nature of the mystical realms in this highly absorbing story. Let's have some more please!



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