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The first book in the Runesarc Chronicles - The Path from Childhood Dreams - launches the series and is a fast paced coming of age for the young heroes Ronas and Odora.  They are beset by many challenges but undaunted set off on a dangerous and perilous journey to recover the mysterious Runesarc................... 

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The Runesarc - Book I The Path from Childhood Dreams

ISBN 978-0-244-87277-9

The Lords of Fear have released the Keeper of Darkness, Gmelin from the Low Realm.  The evil engulfing MidRealm has set the Elders of the High Realm into turmoil and there is now a race to recover the long lost Rùnesarc, a magical rune engraved armour before Gmelin gets his hands on it. 


Will Yorgor, Keeper of MidRealm, find it?  His best chance is to seek out Ronas heir to the Knight Protector of MidRealm, for only he can wear the armour.


Somewhere deep in MidRealm Ronas is approaching manhood and is plagued by a dream, but this is no ordinary dream and the black knights pursuing him are not ordinary knights. 


Can he prove himself with a sword? Will the beautiful Princess Odora help him find the Rùnesarc?

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